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  Claude Cossu
France - Join Date: 02/02/2007
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Claude Cossu
  Biography Statement

Numerical Art

Claude Cossu bought his first home computer in october 1978, a Pet Commodore, in order to program repetitive computations for his researches.
In 1986, he acquired a PC system and used every day Lotus softwares : Amipro for text and Freelance graphics for visual presentations.
Since 1990, he used his computer for working on photographies and drawing, but was disappointed by the softwares he tried, until he discovered photoshop pro. In 2000, he decided to try painting abstract compositions, starting from photographs … and discovered very fast that he had no need of a photograph to get personal works !

Seeing the lack of success of his abstracts of 2005, Claude comes to the present with the first pics of 2008.

Cossu follows the surrealist André Breton's axiom of exploring his inconscious by the means of automatic writing.
Transposed to digital art, it means following simulations and choosing the step which he feels having an echo within himself. Another way of starting is exploring the different modes of melting two previous images and choosing the most attractive to his mind.
The second act consists in developping consciously the appearance, shapes, colors, intensities … When he feels no need to go further, then he stops and opens the file some days later, for a critical analysis and a new session of work on perfectible details, and …. ! ? ! ? … Wait and see ! ...

Our friend CLAUDE COSSU passed by on March 10, 2008.
We shall miss your so gentle soul and creative art. Our condolences to his family and friends!

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