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  Luca Cervini
Italy - Join Date: 10/11/2007
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* Where Is my key...
Luca Cervini
* To be or not to...
Luca Cervini
* The painter of ...
Luca Cervini
* The death of an...
Luca Cervini
* The Eden of sci...
Luca Cervini
ARTWORK AWARD * ambivalence
Luca Cervini
  Biography Statement
A surreal travel through human feelings

Born in Merate (LC) on 10th May 1984. His innate passion for creativity led him to deepen the communication field and to get the diploma in Graphic Design (Grafica Pubblicitaria) at the I.I.S Gandhi (Besana Brianza , Milano) in 2003.

Given that he has always been fascinated by the role of the Art Director, he has decided to follow a course promoted by Zenith Srl in order to specialize in Advertising Technique (Tecnica Pubblicitaria).
Meanwhile he has continued to cultivate his biggest passion, that is to say, the digital illustration, till he has made the art an essential part of his life.

It is impossible to sum up his creativity in a single professional figure, as he always tries to experiment new ways of communication. In fact, his works often open up the possibility to develop following projects related to different domains of creativity: comics, illustrations, art, narrative, poetry, photography, and cinema.
His symbolist-surreal painting finds its expression in digital techniques, and it becomes sometimes ominous, sometimes sad.
His illustrations represent the awareness of a past or forthcoming change. His works contain deep messages expressed by means of the symbolic combination of different elements.

His characters are set in a fantastic world where they are usually bearers of an old recall of humanity and they are absorbed into an oppressive wrapping, which turns into a common artistic mannequin, in search of a flight: release or death, expressing the wrapping destruction.

His art sees the light as a vital need and then it explodes with the coming of the idea which is shaped on the paper and transformed by digital techniques, after an accurate symbolic research aimed at refining the main concept to obtain a complete message, which is the expression of his thought.

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