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  Lynda Lehmann
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Lynda Lehmann
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Lynda Lehmann
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Lynda Lehmann
Lynda Lehmann
  Biography Statement
New York - USA

Even as a child, I was aware of my awe of nature’s beauty. As an adult, I realize that my love of
beauty has inspired my life. I celebrate the “ubiquitous beauties of the world” by making art.

Art is a visual syntax with its own imperatives. I enjoy contemplating where my eye enters a
piece, how it moves through the composition, experiencing the structure and nuances as one
would save a sentence that is poetically wrought. For me, the activity of creating art is an
affirmation of life, a celebration of the miracle of form at all levels of the universe.

I'm an abstractionist more than anything, and I do it in paint and pixels. Through my forays into
digital art, I've discovered that the new medium really does offer possibilities that transcend
what paint-on-canvas can do.
Real-time painting offers the tracks of the artist's hands, and a richness of texture and colour
through the application of pigment. Computer generated art on the other hand, whether in the
form of digital painting, photo manipulation, or algorithmic art, offers dimensions not attainable
by the human hand alone.

Whatever form my art takes, I find great joy and mystery in pursuing abstraction. I'd rather see
"what isn't" than see what is. I find the rhythm and freedom of abstraction to be both liberating
and intoxicating.

There's also a spiritual or metaphysical component to abstract, as it cannot be pinned to a
specific time and place, like a still life. Scenes are temporary; form is eternal. It is the enduring
mystery of prototypical forms that I think we abstract artists are after.
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