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* When in Rome
Terry Wright
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Terry Wright
* Energy Vampire ...
Terry Wright
Energy Vampire ...
Terry Wright
  Biography Statement
Terry Wright is an artist/writer who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. He is the author of five books of poetry, including "What the Black Box Said." His writing has appeared in many anthologies and journals, including "Rolling Stone," "McSweeney's," "Slipstream," "Will Work for Peace," and many others. His visual art has also been been in many magazines and galleries: including "Potion," "The Foliate Oak," The Focus Gallery, and two guest shows at the Museum of Computer Art. His art was featured as a cover story in "IEEE Computer Graphics" in 2005, and his web site, "Rooms with a View," was named a "Hot Site" by "USA Today" in 2003. He also writes for two blogs: "Blog with a View" (his "visual diary") and "Orbit Trap" (a blog about fractal art). Terry believes his sunrise can beat up yours.
I have never taken a computer class. I enrolled in a class in Painting I when I was a sophomore in college. I did not do well. The instructor suggested I drop the class because I “had no talent.” I took her at her word, and I became a writer…
…until 1997 when I discovered fractals. Fractals are not easy to describe. For a complex definition, and one that will certainly hurt your brain, visit Wikipedia: But, to keep things simple, fractals are image representations of complex mathematical formulas.
I paint fractals. More accurately, I “post-process” them -- meaning I export them out of fractal programs and import them into graphic programs like Photoshop, Photo Paint, Painter, and Paint Shop Pro. I mess with them with extreme prejudice: exploding, slicing, collaging, layering, and destroying the original fractal forms. I work by serendipity in a process similar to spelunking. I poke around inside the cave of the fractal, unafraid of dark turns, until I stumble into something that pleases me. Some critics have claimed my work is “digital” rather than “fractal” art. Although these categories seem arbitrary to me, it is ironic that if one were to strip away all the layers in any of my images, what remains would be only the original parameter file that created the...
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