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  Fernando Hocevar
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Fernando Hocevar
  Biography Statement

"Landscapes under the hidden moon"

Born in Mendoza, Argentina in winter of 1944. Graduated from Universidad de Mendoza as an
Architect. A solid aesthetic background guides him in his fine arts search. Starting as a
photographer he participates in numerous and important competitions, obtaining several prizes
that stimulates his activities in this field. Nevertheless, not fully satisfied, the necessity of a
more direct contact with the materials for art works guide him to oil painting and the creation of
his own world of landscape. He begins to develop a very personal technic and works in an
endless series of paintings called «Landscapes in the country of the calm». In 1997 a deep
change takes place in his creations. Without abandoning the spirit and beauties of his works he
starts developing his landscapes by digital processes, medium in which he starts working
passionately. After two years of work in this field, in 1999 he surprises Mendoza with an
exhibition of 40 works.

This show of large size digital works suggestively named «Landscapes under the hidden
moon» is, in the opinion of the specialized critics, the most important sample of digital art work
carried out in Argentina at the time. By the end of 1999 Fernando Hocevar is rewarded with one
of the most important art prizes in the world, the Fiorino d’Argento, at the XVII Premio Firenze-
Europa, Digital Art Section, a contest sponsored by the European Parliament and the Florence,
Italy, Government. In march 2000 he is awarded the Great Prize of Honor, at the Fourth Digital
Creation Awards of Japan, contest of great world importance. By the end of 2000 Hocevar
obtains Honorable Mention at the «Hyperart Biennale 2000 held in New York, USA. At the
beginning of 2001 Hocevar is awarded the GRAND PRIZE at the 5th Internet International Art-
Photo Contest, carried out in Japan with the participation of 500 works from 48 countries
around the world.
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