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  Elio Pastore
Italy - Join Date: 01/06/2006
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* Nymphaea
Elio Pastore
* Spirit of beaut...
Elio Pastore
Remembering Pat...
Elio Pastore
Le età della v...
Elio Pastore
* Squarcio spazia...
Elio Pastore
* Natura morta in...
Elio Pastore
* Reflections of ...
Elio Pastore
Genesi III
Elio Pastore
* Genesi II
Elio Pastore
  Biography Statement

"Digital Painting"

Elio Stefano PASTORE was born in Turin (Italy), where he lives and works.
Fond of photography, travels and mountains, he has often put together these interests, getting numerous awards in photography contests and publishing his picture stories on different magazines.
Starting from the year 2000, from the original production, he has led in a parallel way, a personal research on forms and colours, freeing himself from the pre-set bonds, exploring the creative and artistic possibilities of the digital drawing. This experience, still going on, has its start from the generation of fractals, then elaborated and expressed in a pictorial form.
In the last period he has experimented both a return to figuration, no more originated from a previous automatic release of a camera, but directly created as a virtual reality with the computer, and a contamination of different genres and particularly between the fractal art and the figurative art.

His artistic life - started in 1992 - has found in the digital art his ideal medium of expression; infact the digital art allows him to draw inspiration from the objectivity but to filter it through his personal life, so transforming it in an ideal and essential reality, spread through an emotionally intimate atmosphere. From this synergy between a personal sensibility and a technical mastery, were born pictorial imagines devoid of modern references and contaminations, creating a world with no time suspended between magic realism and poetry.
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