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  Abigail Kurtz Migala
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Abigail Kurtz Migala
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Abigail Kurtz Migala
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Abigail Kurtz Migala
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Abigail Kurtz Migala
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Abigail Kurtz Migala
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Abigail Kurtz Migala
  Biography Statement


Abigail lives and works as a traditional photographic retoucher in San Diego, California.
She creates digital abstractions which calls
"Abi-stractions" in playful reference to her name.

She is strongly influenced by the "colour field" artists like Mark Rothko, who worked in the genre of abstract expressionist art, and by other modern masters like Paul Klee, Joan Miro and Gustav Klimt.

She brings a strong colour sense to her art and a unique feel for texture.

Images in my "Abi-stractions" series all start with “press targets” – the various small patterns found on the margins of commercial product boxes and wrappings. They are used in industrial applications to check and register color plates before mass printing. Although these graphics were designed with no aesthetic intent, to me they have an illusive appeal, an accidental charm. They are ubiquitous in our modern, consumer-driven world, from the bottom flaps of our cereal boxes to the wrappings on our toilet paper, yet most people never notice them.

I am compelled to rescue these little beauties, my "artifacts," and interpret them as art. Having accumulated hundreds of them, I digitally scan my bits of cardboard and plastic and then manipulate these scans using computer software, creating large images of abstract art. Society’s mass automation provides my rich source material, technology enables me to tinker with it, and my own subjectivity allows me to render unique creations.

Through this process, I am exploring the relationship between consumerism and artist...
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