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  Ivan Domeyko
Chile - Join Date: 05/11/2006
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  Biography Statement

"Digital Painting"

I have participated in Digital Art field and Animation Short Films Festival since 1991 and recently in:
Art Addiction Medial Museum - Medial 1 Art Biennial ( 2006 ), The Prix Ars Electronica (2005 ) Linz, Austria – Member of the Artrom Gallery Guild ( 2006 ), Museum of Computer Art, MOCA as a Guest Artist ( 2005 ), IFCT ( International Festival of Cinema and Technology ( 2002 ), Canada.
I have Lisenced in Fine Arts in Santiago, Chile Between 1981-1984, then Computer Graphics Arts and Animation techniques at the CCAC in Berkley, USA (1985) - Sao Paulo, Brasil, ECA ( 1987) animation techniques, Computer Graphics at New York Institute of Technology NYIT, Computer Arts , USA ( 1988).
Recently i am teaching Adobe Photoshop and Indesign in a Newspaper, also i work as a Freelance Digital Artist / Animator / Designer in Film Productions, TV, Press, also i have showcase my Digital Artwoks and digital Animations over Shortfilm Festivals and Internet.

An aproach to the digital canvas creating directly from the digital pen and tablet, sketching, drawing and painting into the screen allowing me to capture the gestural energy involved, then processing with a wide range of digital tools, working at the same time in a series of Digital Artworks, i keep different versions to alter them in a later session, generating an environment in which shapes, color, lights, textures are merged with the background, expressing energy and motion, with Digital Art tools and techniques, remaining the digital handraw inpulse as the main source.

The Computer as a tool for the creative process is amazing as you can merge and manipulate , draw, paint directly on the screen with a pressure sensitive tablet and pen, capturing the moment with gestural expression. My approach towards Digital Art in the creation process is based in the direct input of the digital canvas, allowing the drawing and painting process fusion with expression and evolve taking shape through several steps.
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