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  Lauren McNeely
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  Biography Statement

"Digital Painting"

I have spent my entire adult working life in manufacturing of some kind. I spent 3 or 4
years cutting stained glass for windows, lamps, pictures etc. Loved it, but the pay forced me to
move on to better things. I worked for 9 years in the microchip manufacturing business. It was
the most interesting work I have ever done. Very high tech. I managed to get a Bachelors
Degree in between all that. I now work in the airbag industry where we make inflators for
airbags. I am a Process Coordinator in charge of one of the production areas. I have been
employed in this business for 13 years. I find it to be very rewarding most of the time.

I recently found my creative side I would say. I started out creating 3D environments for a
program that allows me to create my own active desktops. I have also created several of my
own moving lensflares for the same program.

I decided to start creating some of my own images for my active desktops and got
involved in creating with Photoshop, UF, Chaoscope, Apophysis, etc.

That is how I ended up here. I really appreciate the acceptance of myself and my work. I have
a long way to go to truly fit in with so many wonderful artists, but I feel I can learn a lot from all
of you. Cheers....
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