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Sid Campbell
  Biography Statement

"Warrior Art"

Warrior artist Sid Campbell has been fascinated with art and creative renderings since his childhood while growing up in Alabama and Georgia. Beginning with pen and ink drawings and sketches by the time he was discharged from the U.S. Navy after a predominant Pacific and Southeast Asian tour of duty mostly in Okinawa and aboard a naval ship sailing the Western Pacific realm, his medium of choice was oil paint. Influenced strongly by his Asian and Pacific experiences—in addition to learning karate in Okinawa—his style or art reflects those cultural heritages. By the time he was in his 20’s he was painting portraits of his daughter and martial arts depictions with an action oriented theme. This early exposure perhaps best sums up the style, technique and topics of his gallery-sized collection (numbering over 200 pieces of fine art) that he has painted over the past decade after pursuing a secondary professional artist career during the mid-1990’s.

He has integrated computerized imagery techniques using Photoshop software programs to help him better see the way his art will look before he actually commits it to canvas. By studying the composition, stylization, and perspective he is better able to paint knowing how the art will turn our before he begins a painting. Thus enabling him to be enormously prolific without re-painting artworks that he may have wished to do differently after the work was completed.
Campbell’s style and technique is continually evolving because of these new technologies and his fascination with mixed-mediums of both low and high-tech varieties. Integrating texture, fabric designs, mezzotint, half-tone, montage effects, lithographic overlays, gradient under-lays, pressed gold leaf embellishments, silk pearl powder rag paper and other techniques will undoubtedly find its way into Sid Campbell’s future limited edition Giclee canvas and paper museum quality prints.
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