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Shrimp Boys
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  Biography Statement

Digital painting

I am a self-taught artist and have been making a living as an artist all my adult life. My journey began with jewelry design in Dallas, Texas. Then I moved to Santa Fe and from metals and gems I changed my medium to fibers as I became a weaver. After apprenticing at the Santa Fe Weaving Center for several years I opened my own weaving gallery on Canyon Road called Lisle Designs. It was while figuring out the complex weaves required for high-fashion clothing that I first realized that I am able to visualize mathematical relationships. That discovery explained so much that had always puzzled me about how I see the world.

After moving to Austin, Texas I went from weaving fabrics and designing clothing to designing and producing an extensive line of hand-dyed natural fiber yarns for yarn shops around the country.
By the mid-90’s I was fully involved with designing fabrics on the computer and was experimenting with printing on fabrics with ink jet printers.

I bought my first computer – a 128K Mac Classic in 1984.
Then along came Photoshop and, a little later, Painter, and these two software programs finally seduced me away from merely using the computer as an intermediate tool to produce art on some external medium and into exploring the production of art that is meant both to be printed on a medium and enjoyed on a computer screen. These days I focus as much on how the image displays on my screen and on the Web as on how it prints, and I care as much about what the projected image looks like as I do about what it looks like on fabric or on screen.
I offer my art for sale in limited edition print runs, on either paper or fabric depending upon the image, and I am actively seeking gallery representation world wide.
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