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  K. Elise Cohen
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The Wrath of Ga...
K. Elise Cohen
The Wrath of Ga...
K. Elise Cohen
Bar Sinister
K. Elise Cohen
The Lie
K. Elise Cohen
* 1 Part Adrenali...
K. Elise Cohen
  Biography Statement

"Digital Painting"

K. Elise Cohen began her career in art early on when, as a young child she spent much of
her free time sketching and drawing. In the early 70's she began painting in oils and pastels
after meeting and learning from reknowned Miami artist, R.C. Bailey

In 1976-1978 Ms. Cohen attended Florida State University as an MFA Candidate, but the lure
of "real life" took her to Houston, Texas, where she continued to experiment with different
media and techniques.

In 1982 her work, "The Force that Through the Green Fuse Drives" won her best in show at
the annual Watercolor Art Society-Houston’s open juried competition, which was followed by a
two person show at the Toni Jones Gallery, also in Houston. Shortly thereafter her artwork
took a back seat to her other two careers, Family and Commercial Art and Design.

Over the last few years, her interest in creating Fine Art using the computer as her tools has
brought her back to her calling. Many of her works, both past and present, reside in private
collections across the country.

Perhaps the words used most often to describe my work are “luminous” and “energetic,”
both regarding qualities of light and color. Although my work is representational, it moves easily
into the abstract as I bring the inner life of the subject to the surface of the “canvas.”

My paintings are not merely about the relationships of space, color, line and depth, but of the
artist to the work, the artist to the viewer and the viewer to the work and the subject. To the
extent that the viewer brings his/her own frame of reference to the subject gives unlimited
potential to the work to illuminate those relationships .

All the works are designed to be printed and viewed in their “hard copy” form as specified as
either canvas or paper.
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